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Month 5 of GAPS/SCD

I have just finished month 5 of the GAPS/SCD diet. Things just keep getting better. My digestion is amazing and my health continues to improve.┬áThis month I’ve noticed an extreme improvement in health, mood, and energy over the course of the month. I didn’t even have to take pain relievers at my cycle. I noticed brain fog, difficulty focusing, vertigo and lower energy than normal right before hand, but this is a drastic improvement. Up until this point, monthly cycles have left me sick every time I eat, suffering from hot and cold flashes, muscles weakness, shakiness, and barely making it through the day even with pain relievers. To me, this is just another indicator that my entire system is getting stronger.

Last month I also started my 40 consecutive days of yoga. I’m half way there. It’s been amazing. As I start to work out old injuries and tight muscles, I can feel my circulation start to improve, and notice a vague sense that I’ve somehow been trapped inside muscle tension, which is beginning to loosen up.

I haven’t set a day yet for attempting to return to kung fu. I can still feel some problems in the way my brain tries to send signals to my arms some of the time. Somehow the signals get crossed and jumbled, and my muscles start firing in a stressed out spastic way that looks a little like a seizure if it goes to far. I feel like I’m working this out in Kundalini, which is perfect, because it often consists of a few minutes at a time of intense exercise, followed by lying on the floor.

Even though there are many factors to my changing health, I have grown to be a true believer in the GAPS/SCD diet. It won’t work for everyone. If it doesn’t address the specific problems you’re having, it can’t do anything for you. I suspect that a wide segment of the chronically ill population could benefit from the diet. I think an even wider segment could benefit from some sort of dietary change, if they had a way to properly identify what needed to be done.

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