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An Aspiring Martial Artist with Postural Orthostatic Tachy…card…Ugh. I need to go lie down.

Sleeping Tiger

Chris and I heading to the outskirts of north Portland in his black Lexis, headed for the tiny town of Scapoose Oregon. We had started dating back in May. We had met on an online dating site, and bonded first over us both having jobs in technology, and the connection only deepened when we discovered we were both equally adamant that we did not want children. 

Chris was forced to learn quickly that I could not do everything a normal girl could do. I would grow tired quickly from simply going for walks, and had to meticulously watch my diet, carrying food around with me in my purse, with a built in cooler. 

Things got even harder when Sifu passed. Sifu was my Kung Fu teacher, and a huge inspiration in my continuing to fight for my health. I began to unravel, and Chris stood by, insistent that we could get through it, dragging me out of bed to get outside when I was too sad get out of bed for an entire weekend.

Now I had connected with one of Sifu’s old students. I had emailed him after hearing that he taught Kung Fu and Tai Chi. He also happened to be a hypo-therapist, although I was unsure as to all that that entailed. He told us that it was difficult to find his office, and we should meet him in the Fred Meyer parking lot.

We pulled into the lot, and texted Darrin. Darrin said he was parked near the gas station. We got out of the car and looked around until Darrin spotted us, and began heading towards our car. Darrin was about 6’2, half Chinese with and Indian accent from spending his childhood in India. He explained that his office was another 15 minutes out of town in St. Helen, and we agreed to follow him  the rest of the way.

…to be continued


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